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Genuine Ford spare parts in Phu Tho good to choose

Ford, one of the famous automobile brands in the world, has won the trust of many motorists with its diverse and quality models. To maintain and enhance the performance of your beloved Ford vehicle, using genuine spare parts is an important factor. In this context, we cannot ignore the important role of genuine Ford spare parts in Phu Tho, which provides high quality products and excellent customer service.

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Outstanding Features of Genuine Ford Parts

Guaranteed Quality: Genuine Ford parts are not only guaranteed in terms of technique and features but also in terms of material quality. This means you can count on the stability and durability of the spare parts, helping your vehicle operate strongly and stably.

High Compatibility: Genuine parts are designed to work optimally on Ford vehicle models. This helps ensure high compatibility, while limiting the risk of problems caused by using incorrect spare parts.

Peace of Mind Warranty: Using genuine parts brings the benefit of an official warranty from Ford. This creates peace of mind for car owners, because they know they have support if problems related to parts arise.

Location Providing Genuine Ford Parts In Phu Tho

In Phu Tho, there are many dealers providing genuine Ford parts with professional staff and high service temperature. Some notable locations include:

Ford Phu Tho Dealer: As Ford’s official location in the area, this dealership not only provides new car models but is also a reliable source to buy genuine spare parts. Our dedicated and experienced staff will help you find and choose the right spare parts.

Hung Phuc Parts Garage: As one of the reputable spare parts stores in Phu Tho, Hung Phuc Parts Garage not only brings convenience in shopping but also commits to the quality and value of the products.

Customer Experience

Many Ford car owners in Phu Tho have shared positive experiences when using genuine spare parts. They all agree on product quality, promptness of service and professional advice from the staff.

Nguyen Van A, a regular customer at Hung Phuc Spare Parts Garage, shared: “I have used genuine spare parts for many years and have never faced any major problems. This store always responds.” Fully meets my needs at a reasonable price.”

Ford cabin filter

In a car’s cooling system, the cabin filter plays an important role to filter and clean the air before it is blown into the cabin. Cabin filters help remove dust particles, pollen, bacteria, odors and other allergens, helping to create a clean and comfortable driving environment.

For Ford vehicles, the cabin filter is also an important part in protecting the health of the driver and passengers. Ford cabin filters are designed to operate efficiently and protect against harmful external environmental factors.

Effects of Ford cabin filter

Ford cabin filters help prevent pollutants from outside air from entering the cabin. These can be dust, pollen, small particles, bacteria, mold, car exhaust, chemical fumes and other allergens. By removing these substances, cabin filters help improve air quality in the vehicle and reduce the risk of related health problems.

In addition, Ford cabin filters also help remove odors from the air in the car. Some cabin filters are equipped with layers of activated carbon to absorb odor-causing compounds such as toxic gases, ammonia and other odorants. This helps create a more airy and fragrant driving space.

When is it necessary to replace the Ford cabin filter?

How long it takes to replace your Ford cabin filter usually depends on driving conditions and the level of air pollution in your area. Some signs that the cabin filter needs to be replaced include:

Bad odors in the car are not eliminated after cleaning the cabin

Reduced cooling or heating performance of the air conditioning system

Smoke or unpleasant odors from the ventilation system

Increased frequency of discomfort or allergic reactions while driving

To ensure effectiveness and safety, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing the cabin filter. Typically, cabin filters need to be replaced every 12 months or every 15,000-20,000 km of driving.

The Ford cabin filter is an important part of the vehicle’s cooling system, helping to clean the air and protect the health of the driver and passengers. Changing your cabin filter regularly is the best way to ensure performance and driving safety. Watch for signs and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to replace the cabin filter on time and ensure the air in your car is always fresh and comfortable.

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Summary of genuine Ford spare parts in Phu Tho

Using genuine Ford parts in Phu Tho is not only a smart decision but also ensures the peace of mind and performance of your beloved Ford vehicle. With a team of reputable dealers and spare parts stores, maintaining and Making your vehicle maintenance easy and secure. Choose carefully information and a trustworthy partner to enjoy your driving journey without worrying about technical problems.

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